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🏬 Commercial use of images
🏬 Commercial use of images

Learn which plans make it possible to use PicFinder images commercially or for content creation

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If you discovered PicFinder and are planning to use it for your business or team, you're probably wondering what the exact conditions are for using images. Here's what you need to know.

Commercial use is available for paid plans

PicFinder currently has 3 plans.

  • The Starter plan for first-time users. If you've just found PicFinder, you are actually using the Starter plan, which includes an allowances of images generated for free. When you reach this number (which may vary by country), you will be prompted with the option to register or upgrade. This plan is meant for discovering PicFinder, and does not allow commercial use.

  • Free plan. The Free plan includes an allowance of images generated every day and is meant for hobbyist creators who enjoy exploring their creativity but are not monetizing the works they create. It does not allow commercial use.

  • Basic plan. The Basic plan is meant for personal use, educational use, or creators at the start of their journey. It also does not allow commercial use. For instance, if you have a YouTube channel but your channel is not yet monetized, you can use images in this tier. If instead you are a fully operating business, with reasonable turnover, or a creator that monetizes successfully, you need full commercial use, which is included with the next plan.

  • The Basic+ plan. The Basic+ plan allows full commercial use of any kind. It also includes the highest image scaling, at 4x, which makes it possible to download images at a higher resolution, which is helpful for printing.

Commercial use FAQ

How do I order the Basic+ plan?

A registration panel will appear when you've used up your image allowance for the Starter tier or for the day. You can order the Basic+ plan which allows commercial use starting from there. We realize this is an incovenient way to order so we're working on an updated ordering process which you will be able to initiate directly.

Can I use PicFinder images for print on demand (PoD)?

Yes, you can use PicFinder images for PoD if you are on the Basic+ plan which allows commercial use. This plan will also allow you to do 4x upscaling, which will result in higher resolution images that will make better prints. While the exact quality of the print depends on many elements, including the image itself, details, etc., with 4x upscaling you are likely to get reasonable quality with prints up to A2 size.

I'm an independent content creator (e.g YouTube, TikTok). Which plan do I need so I can use the images in my content?

If you're a small independent creator and your content is not monetizing or has just started, choose the Basic tier. if instead you're an experienced and well monetized creator, freelancer, solopreneur or business, choose the Basic+ plan.

I'm an educator or public sector worker. Which plan should I use?

When available the free plan should be sufficient to cover most such use cases. However, if you are currently running out of free images, choose the Basic plan.

Is sensitive content accessible in the paid plans?

At the moment it's not possible to view sensitive content in any of our plans, due to complications we were experiencing with keeping our site listed on search engines. We are considering creating a plan that removes the sensitive content filter. To request this feature please use this form.

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